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The Rage group is a German musical group, the peculiarity of which is that the guys play in the metal style. The official creation of the rage band group took place in the 80s.
About the band Rage Wiki informs us that the band was originally called Avenger, and under this name they presented their debut two compilations. After some time, the performers changed their name, as they discovered that there is already a group that is called that.
The project was founded by 4 people initially. It was guitarist Schroeder Johan, vocalist and part-time bassist Wagner Peter, drummer Michael Jörg and guitarist Grüning Thomas, who was later replaced by Graf Rudy. Together they recorded two records in the genre of thrash metal, mixed with power and speed metal.
In the 88th year Michael and Graf left the band, as they were not impressed by the American tour. They were replaced by Chris Efthymiadis on drums and Schmidt Manny on guitar. The project began to become in demand after the release of the collection "Perfect Man".
The subsequent collection was titled Secrets In A Weird World. It was executed in the same stylistic features as the previous one and sounded rather gloomy.
The interest in the next album was that the musicians invited Ueli Kellner to play the keys to make the compositions more melodic.
The project toured Japan with the best tracks. The group became more and more popular.
In 1994, a jubilee collection was released, which consisted of compositions that were not included in previous albums.
It was called 10 Years In Rage. It was recorded by artists who were originally members of RAGE.
In the 90s, the collective again decided to change the participants and the musical genre. Musicians begin to experiment with thrash metal. Then the group consisted of four people.
Most admirers of the project like the classic collections of 1995-96's Black In Mind and End Of All Days.
In 1996, experiments began with the orchestra, as a result of which the groundbreaking album XIII was recorded two years later. All the compositions included in it were created with the participation of a symphony orchestra from Prague.
The year 1999 was remembered for the fact that the collective broke up as a result of the fact that musicians left it with a certain frequency. As a result, almost everyone left, with the exception of Wagner Peavy.
Nevertheless, he decided to give the team a second chance, and organized an updated lineup.
Another disc, Unity, was presented in 2002. The songs were recorded in the style of music most closely related to the genre voiced in the 1990s.
The song was the hallmark of the project. The most unique hit compilation that led the band to their ultimate success was Soundchaser, released in 2003. The storyline of the collection is a mystical story, something like the books of Howard Lovecraft.
The next disc, presented after three years of the band's absence from the stage, was called Speak Of The Dead.